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Boston Basement Waterproofing

If you’re ready to get your foundation repair problem taken care of completely, you’ll need to understand specifically what’s required for your particular circumstance. Foundation problems can become costly if they are not dealt with right away. With time the cracks will grow larger and cause water and mold problems. The Foundation Pros is a team of professionally trained foundation repair service professionals who are here to assist. We provide foundation repair and waterproofing services throughout Massachusetts.

Why Choose Dry Werx

Dry Werx is a Boston, MA waterproofing company serving the entire Boston Area. Stop dealing with water problems in your basement or crawl space and reclaim your basement. Water and moisture problems are not uncommon to Boston area residents¬†and homeowners don’t need to live with these problems.

boston waterproofing service areaWe provide foundation waterproofing, internal and external drains and sump pump installation. Our licensed contractors are trained and certified in the latest waterproofing techniques for residential properties.

Boston Dry Werx Specializes in:

  • Basement Waterproofing
  • Interior Foundation Waterproofing
  • Exterior Foundation Waterproofing
  • Resolve Drainage Problems
  • Sump Pump Installation

 Foundation Repair and Waterproofing

Boston Foundation Waterproofing